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France Claims Western Lands




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Virginia Reacts

Virginia Reacts

Send major George Washington to ask the French to leave

English build a fort close to present day Pittsburg

French seize the fort before they were done and name it Fort Duquesne

“He told me the Country belogn’d to them, that no English Man had a right to trade upon them Waters; & that he had Orders to make every Person Prisoner that attempted it on the Ohio or the Waters on it.” – G.W.

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Fort Necessity

Fort Necessity

Washington was on his way to Fort Duquesne when he heard of its surrender

Instead, he built a small fort but was attacked and forced to surrender (July 3, 1754)

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Albany Plan of Union

Albany Plan of Union

While the fighting was beginning, representatives were trying to get the Iroquois to fight with the colonists (English)

*Ben Franklin was trying to get the colonists to join together for defensive purposes

Council that could collect taxes, make treaties, raise an army, and make new settlements.

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