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Space Science




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Space Science Unit Quick overview:

Space Science Unit Quick overview:


Multiple Star Systems


Spectroscope Lab

Toilet Paper Solar System Lab

Characteristics of Stars

H-R Diagram

Measuring Star distances (parallax)

The Sun: Our special Star

Activities of the Sun

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Introduction Activity

Introduction Activity

You are stranded on the Moon and you have 15 items to choose from. You must decided which ones are most important to take with you. Rank these items in order from 1-15, 1 being most important and 15 being the least important.

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Stranded on the Moon:

Stranded on the Moon:

Box of Matches

Food Concentrate

50 feet nylon rope

Parachute silk

Solar Powered Heating Unit

Two .45 Caliber Pistols & Ammunition

One case- Evaporated Milk

Solar Powered FM receiver-transmitter

Two 100-lb. tanks of oxygen

Stellar Map (constellations as they appear from the moon)

Self-Inflatable Life Raft

Magnetic Compass

5 gallons of water

Signal Flares

First Aid Kit- Containing Injection Needles

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Space Science Unit

Space Science Unit


Introducing the H-R Diagram

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What is the H-R Diagram?

What is the H-R Diagram?

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What does it do?

What does it do?

This chart uses surface temperature of the star and the absolute magnitude (brightness) of the star to help astronomers decide which phase of the starís life cycle the star is in and other important information about the star.

Most stars are what we consider main sequence (including our sun). They make up 90% of the stars in our sky. These stars are the diagonal strip running through the middle of the chart.

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Why is it so important?

Why is it so important?

This diagram is the single most important that astronomers use today.

In the early 1900ís Ejnar Hertzsprung (Danish) and Henry Norris Russell (American) found a relationship between the absolute magnitude and the surface temperature. The men were working independently.

Hertzsprung presented his information in 1905 in the form of tables, while Russell presented his observations in table form in 1913.

Today the diagram is named for both menís work in correlating a starís brightness and surface temperature.

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Absolute Magnitude

Absolute Magnitude

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