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Middle Ages of Europe





The two-handed sword was a very large sword with visions of the ordinary sword.

The battle-axes were on a yard handle, and swung with both hands.

The cross bows were like a gun that shot arrows.

Brittany, Samantha, and Shuntelle

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Weapons Randy

Weapons Randy

Warriors used all kinds of weapons.

The smallest weapon was a dagger.

Knights used lances during jousting tournaments.

A double-handed sword was used in the 13th century.

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Medieval Monks

Medieval Monks

Cory and Jared

Monks were men who devoted their lives to the service of God.

The chapel house is were monks go to speak to pardons.

They did not talk at dinner;instead they made signals to each other for talking.

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Monks and Nuns Britt and Matthew J.

Monks and Nuns Britt and Matthew J.

Some monks wore shirts made of hair as undershirts,to purposely scratch their skin and constantly remind them of the suffering that Jesus had done.

There is a special type of haircut required of monks in some churches.

It is called Tonsure,and it leaves a ring of hair around the head to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore.

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Jousts & Tournaments

Jousts & Tournaments

Jousting reached its height as a spectator sport in the 13th century.

Knights met at a combined speed of 60 mph.

2 teams of knights would fight a mock battle, called a tourney.

By: Jordan & Katrena

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Jousts and Tournaments Lucas and Austin

Jousts and Tournaments Lucas and Austin

In a joust, knights could show off their skills without other contestants getting in the way.

A knight could score points if he broke his opponent’s lance on your shield.

Special armor was developed for jousting to increase protection.

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~In the middle ages,the main purpose for a cathedral was religion.

~The bells in the tower often signaled beginnings of services or served as a clock to tell time.

~Stained glass windows, statues, and paintings were picture Bibles for those who couldn’t read.

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The Crusades

The Crusades

Kendall, Darren, and Christopher

During the Middle Ages, many Christians went as pilgrims to Jerusalem and other Bible lands.

By November 1095 Pope Urban II preached a sermon calling on faithful Christians to journey to the Holy Land on a crusade against the Turks.

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