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The French and Indian War



Send major George Washington to ask the French to leave

English build a fort close to present day Pittsburg

French seize the fort before they were done and name it Fort Duquesne

“He told me the Country belogn’d to them, that no English Man had a right to trade upon them Waters; & that he had Orders to make every Person Prisoner that attempted it on the Ohio or the Waters on it.” – G.W.

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Fort Necessity

Fort Necessity

Washington was on his way to Fort Duquesne when he heard of its surrender

Instead, he built a small fort but was attacked and forced to surrender (July 3, 1754)

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Albany Plan of Union

Albany Plan of Union

While the fighting was beginning, representatives were trying to get the Iroquois to fight with the colonists (English)

*Ben Franklin was trying to get the colonists to join together for defensive purposes

Council that could collect taxes, make treaties, raise an army, and make new settlements.

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Braddock’s Defeat

Braddock’s Defeat

July 9, 1755: Marched on Fort Duquesne with 2 regiments and Washington

They were ambushed and destroyed

1000 English men were killed or wounded

The English new it would take more to defeat the French

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The British Take Quebec

The British Take Quebec

William Pitt – Sec. of State

New Philosophy on the war

Sent more troops, nations top generals and more money to win the war

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Turning Point

Turning Point

Quebec – cliff 300 feet above the St. Lawrence River loaded with cannons and troops

For 2 months sailed around looking for a way to capture it – eventually found an unguarded path up the cliff

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Turing Point

Turing Point

At night fall 4,000 British snuck up the cliff and waited

Surprised the French in the morning

Montreal falls within the year

*Why do you think Battle of Quebec is a turning point in the war?

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Turning Point

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Treaty of Paris

Treaty of Paris

Britain received all land east of the Mississippi

Spain received all land west of the Mississippi and New Orleans for its help

*Britain got Florida from Spain in exchange for Cuba and the Philippines

*Treaty ended the war as well as French power in North America

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Pontiac’s Rebellion

Pontiac’s Rebellion

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