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Road to Revolution




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Stamp Act 1765

Stamp Act 1765

Any item that was made of paper required a stamped tax payment to be made

Colonists argue “taxation with representation”, Stamp Act is repealed

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Townshend Acts 1767

Townshend Acts 1767

Tax on glass, lead, paper, paint and tea

Colonist smuggle goods, boycott British goods, and fight with British troops

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Tea Act 1773

Tea Act 1773

Tax on tea, it is a plan to bail out East India Tea company through tax on tea

Boston Tea Party and smuggling of tea

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Intolerable Acts 1774

Intolerable Acts 1774

Response to Tea Party, assembly and town meetings dissolved, port of Boston closed,and British tried in England

Militias form, colonies send representatives to 1st Continental Congress meets and starts colonial boycott

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Quebec Act 1774

Quebec Act 1774

Prohibited colonists from moving into Ohio River Valley, Catholic religion in region

Colonists expected to settle into the region

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Monarchy vs. Representative Government

Monarchy vs. Representative Government

In a monarchy the governing power lies with a king and those that he appoints to office

Parliament was the lawmaking body in England

Citizens elect their own representatives who will represent them in government

People create their government and have the right to make changes when they see fit (laws, elections)

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