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Plains Indians – Where did they live




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The Plains Indians

The Plains Indians

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Where did they live?

Where did they live?

The Plains Indians lived in the middle region of the United States.

This is roughly west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains

This land is made up of miles of treeless grasslands….which is perfect grazing fields for buffalo!

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In between the Mississippi

In between the Mississippi

River and the Rocky Mountains

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The Plains Tribes

The Plains Tribes

Some well known tribes in the Plains region are the….





Since they moved around a lot you will find variations in the tribes, ex: the dakota-sioux, teton-sioux

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Everyday Life Men

Everyday Life Men

The best hunters had the highest rank in their tribe.

A man was also judged by how many horses he was able to obtain and if he shared them.

Men hunted deer, rabbit and elk.

Dogs would pull their catch back to camp.

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Everyday Life Women

Everyday Life Women

The Plains women excelled at quillwork.

These quills were sewn in clothing and used for artwork on tipis.

Women chores were fetching water, sweeping, hoeing the fields, cooking and sewing.

The land far from rivers were tough to garden, but near rivers they would grow corn, squash and sunflowers

They mostly picked berries and nuts

They were seen as inferior, not to speak unless spoken to

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Everyday life kids

Everyday life kids

Babies were taught at a very young age not to cry because it might scare off the food.

At four years old the girls would accompany their mother with her chores and the boys would listen to war stories and practice their bow and arrows.

Boys and girls never played together, they knew they had separate roles in life.

At the age of 13, men went on Vision Quests

They played a game like stick ball (hockey)

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