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Neutrino Astronomy




R  1014 cm, T  3 x 103 seconds

R  1018 cm, T  3 x 1016 seconds

E  1051 – 1054 ergs

Shock variability is reflected in the complexity of the GRB time profile.

6 Hours

3 Days





(2-10 keV)

Fireball Phenomenology & The Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) Neutrino Connection


(Massive star)

Meszaros, P

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Generic GRB Explosion Models

Generic GRB Explosion Models

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Lorentz Invariance Violation

Lorentz Invariance Violation

Bounds on energy dependence of the speed of light can be used to place

constraints on the effective energy scale for quantum gravitational effects.

Dt ~ x(E/EQG)a L/c

E2-c2p2~E2x(E/EQG)a - This may be modified in some quantum gravity


This has the important observational consequence that this will give

rise to energy dependent delays between arrival times of photons.

E2 = m2c4 +p2c2 - in the Lorentz invariant case,

The expected time delay is :

This may be measurable for very high energy photons/neutrinos coming

from large distances.

See Wed. Afternoon

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Galactic Microquasars

Galactic Microquasars

See Talk Monday Morning

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What About Dark Matter?

What About Dark Matter?

~85% of the matter in the Universe is Dark Matter

At most a few % of the matter is baryons

Most people believe that the lightest SUSY particle is a stable neutralino and is probably the dark matter

These are weakly interacting and heavy

Evidence of clustering

See Friday Afternoon Session on Dark Matter

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Wimp Capture

Wimp Capture

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Wimp Detection

Wimp Detection

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Neutrino Astronomy Explores Extra Dimensions

Neutrino Astronomy Explores Extra Dimensions

100 x SM

GZK range

TeV-scale gravity increases PeV n-cross section

See Wednesday Afternoon Session

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black hole

black hole

p + g -> n + p+

~ cosmic ray + neutrino

-> p + p0

~ cosmic ray + gamma

Cosmic Neutrino Factory

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W-B Bound

W-B Bound

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Evading the Bound

Evading the Bound

“Neutrino only” sources that are optically thick to proton photo-meson interactions and from which protons cannot escape.

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