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As the hero conquers the Abyss, his transformation is complete.

Like the Phoenix, a part of the hero must die so that a new part can be reborn.

Fear must die to make way for courage, Ignorance for enlightenment, dependency for independence

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The Revelation

The Revelation

Part of the Transformation is a Revelation, a sudden, dramatic change in the way the hero thinks or views life.

This change makes him truly a different person.

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The Atonement

The Atonement

After the Transformation the hero achieves Atonement, that is he is “at one” with his new self.

The hero has incorporated the changes caused by the Journey and is “reborn”

The “Om” the Hindu symbol of “oneness”

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The Return

The Return

After Transformation and Atonement, the hero faces the final stage of his journey: The Return to everyday life.

Upon the return, the hero discovers his gift –

Become richer and stronger

Become a great leader

Become spiritually enlightened.

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The Separation

The Call

The Threshold

Threshold Guardians

Helpers and mentors

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Review Cont.

Review Cont.

The Initiation

The Challenges

The Abyss

The Transformation

The Revelation

The Atonement

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Review Continued

Review Continued

The Return

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