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Writing Good Essay




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Writing A Good Essay

Writing A Good Essay

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A Good Essay . . .

A Good Essay . . .

Has a Beginning, Middle and End.

Uses Paragraphs

Can be Clearly Understood

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An Essay Is . . .

An Essay Is . . .

A written speech, used to talk about a given topic.

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The Beginning

The Beginning

Has 3 Sentences

S1-Intro and a main overview of the main, and primary topic.

S2-Thesis Statement (a statement that proves a point)

S3-Lead or conversion to start you body section

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The Body

The Body

The Body is the main section of the essay.

Can be put into 1 or many paragraphs.

Talks about the subjects main points.

Each paragraph is a different sub-topic

Gives all info. being presented

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The End

The End

Your ending paragraph sums up the entire essay.

In Your Ending . . .

Restate your topic

Restate you Thesis Statement

Briefly touch on every topic in your essay in the last sentence

In most essays, the Ending paragraph is what people remember


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