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Administers food stamp and school lunch programs.

Food and Nutrition Service.

Norm Coleman- 1st

Secretary of Agriculture today is Mike Johanns.

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Commerce 1903

Commerce 1903

Conducts Census.

Grants patents and registers trademarks.

Bureau of the Census.

International Trade Administration.

William C. Redfield - 1st

Secretary of Commerce today is Carlos Gutierrez.

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Labor 1913

Labor 1913

Enforces federal law on minimum wages, maximum hours, and safe working conditions.

OSHA, Bureau of Labor Statistics.

William B. Wilson - 1st

Secretary of Labor today is Elaine Chao.

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Health and Human Services  1953

Health and Human Services 1953

Funds health care research programs.

Enforces pure food and drug act.

Medicare and Medicaid.

Food and Drug Admin and CDC.

Patricia Harris - 1st

Secretary of HHS today is Michael O. Leavitt.

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Housing and Urban Development - 1965

Housing and Urban Development - 1965

Operates home financing and public housing programs.

Enforces fair housing laws.

Office of Housing.

Robert C. Weaver- 1st

Secretary of Housing today is Alphonso Jackson.

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Transportation 1967

Transportation 1967

Administers programs to promote and regulate highways, mass transit, railroads and air travel.

Federal Highway and Aviation Administration.

Alan S. Boyd - 1st

Secretary of Transportation today is Mary Peters.

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Energy 1977

Energy 1977

Promotes production of renewable energy, fossil fuels, and nuclear energy.

Conducts nuclear weapons research and production.

James R. Schlesinger - 1st

Secretary of Energy today is Samuel W. Bodman.

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Education 1979

Education 1979

Administers federal aid to schools and conducts educational research.

Office of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Shirley Hufstedler - 1st

Secretary of Education today is Margaret Spellings.

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Veterans Affairs 1989

Veterans Affairs 1989

Ad ministries benefits, pensions, and medical programs for veterans.

Veteran Benefits Admin.

National Cemetery Admin.

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