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Feminism- Cure or Curse




Helmer: “You can’t have. What duty do you mean?”

Nora: “My duty towards myself”

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Short story

Short story

“The Divorcee” by Ken Saro Wiwa (Nigerian)

“A husband did a girl a favour by marrying her… And when he did Lebia the favour of seeking her hand in marriage, there was nothing to stop him from achieving his desire”

“Because she has not only married a man: she was a family property”

“He expected that she would bear children. It was for that primarily that he had married her. For everyman had reason to expect that he would be a father someday. Everyman was capable of being a father. If he did not become a father, there was something wrong with his wife”

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“Ma sandata kamathi “Thatu kapanne ai”

bava dana oba…”

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Appreciation of traditional female role

Appreciation of traditional female role

“Sanda kaluwara gala…” “Thaththa Unath”

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“Thani Thatuven Piya Banna”


“Suddilage Kathava”

“Loku Duwa”


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Positives of Feminism

Positives of Feminism

Feminist campaigns have changed societies positively.

Equal pay for women

Rights to enter into contracts and own property

Protection of women and girls from domestic violence and sexual harassment

Workplace rights, maternity leave

Decision-making rights

Ex: Scandinavian countries: Norway and Sweden

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Ill-effects of Feminism

Ill-effects of Feminism

Single parents

Smoking, drinking

Drop of birth rate

Decline in marriage institution

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Decision up to you!

Decision up to you!

Is Feminism a Cure or Curse?

Thank You

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