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The parts of speech




Can be simple or complex.

“I have a dream . . .” as MLK Jr. once said.

“I saw a bird as beautiful as the summer sky as it rises above the horizon.”

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Interrogative Sentences

Interrogative Sentences

ALWAYS has a (?) question mark.

If you ask enough of them they become self-explanatory.

“Do stars burn out ?”

“Why are my eyes colored ?”

“Why is global warming such a problem ?”

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Imperative Sentences

Imperative Sentences

May need more than 1 or 2 words.

Used to give orders and make requests.

Always ends in a (!) exclamation point if used to make requests.

Always ends in (.) a period to give orders.


“Hug Me.”

** In many sentences YOU is not spoken but is understood.

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Types of Literature

Types of Literature

Learning Books

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A True story about a persons life

Are very interesting stories

Are NOT by the person they are about

Are written using second hand accounts

SECOND-HAND ACCOUNTS –writings that are left behind, diaries, newspapers, and letters, etc.

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Are books written by the person they are about

Auto- means self (ex. Automobile is self driven. Autopilot is a plane that flies by itself)

Most are written in Prose, but can be written in poems, plays, or songs

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Are make-believe, or fairytales such as Alice in Wonderland, or Pollyanna

Not everything has to be made-up, can have true parts with a twist, or true facts in a made-up story. Ex. You could have a story about traveling through space, that is not true. But, the moon, gravity force, wind, stars, yourself, a spaceshutle, etc.

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Is ALL true

Ex. Biographies, and autobiographies, newspaper articles, and school reports, and history

IE. A report on the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco

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Sayings and Phrases

Sayings and Phrases

Idioms and Metaphors

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What Is A Phrase ?

What Is A Phrase ?

Main Entry:1phrase



Etymology:Latin phrasis, from Greek, from phrazein to point out, explain, tell

Date:15301 :

a characteristic manner or style of expression :

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