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Characterisitcs of Life




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The Scientific Rules for being considered Living

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O  Organized by Cells

O Organized by Cells

If you are living you are made of one or more cells.

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R  Responds to Stimuli

R Responds to Stimuli

If you are living you have to react to the outside world

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D  Develop and Grow

D Develop and Grow

If you are living you have to get bigger and develop into a more complex being

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E  Energy /Eat

E Energy /Eat

If you are a living animal you get your energy from eating

If you are a living plant you make your energy from a process called photosynthesis

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R  Reproduce

R Reproduce

If you are living you have to be able to make copies of yourself

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+A  Adapt to Environment

+A Adapt to Environment

If you are living you must be able to change to the outside world

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To be living you must be able to do all of these things by yourself. If you dont do all those things you are not alive according to science.

Are the following things ALIVE:

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Living vs. Non-Living

Living vs. Non-Living


You can perform all of the activities of ORDER +A at the current time.


Dead you were once able to perform all the activities of ORDER+A but can not now.

Man-Made you were made by man and could never do ORDER+A.

Never Alive you were made by nature and could never do ORDER+A

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All living things Need

All living things Need

Shelter a place to live

Food whether they eat or make it themselves

Water H2O without hydration you will die

Air O2 whether you breath or get it out of water you will die without it.


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