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Sexual Reproduction




Characteristics of Sexual Reproduction

Requires a female and male parent

Each parent donates ½ of the Chromosomes/Genes/DNA

Requires fertilization - the combining of gametes

Produces genetic diversity - variation among and within species that is attributable to differences in hereditary material.

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Now, lets talk about this diversity. My sister has a big nose. She’s not too thrilled with having this big nose. So let’s try to convince her it’s a good thing. Write down a reason it might be good to have a big nose.

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Possible Reason:

Let’s run with the answer that she would have a better ability to pick up the scent of food. What would happen if the food supply suddenly decreased and no one, including my sister, had a big nose that could sense this food supply?

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But, my sister does have a big nose. So the human species is saved. Kinda makes big noses pretty attractive now, doesn’t it?

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So what can we conclude about Sexual Reproduction?

it produces diversity

diversity ensures survival of a species in an environment that changes


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