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Production of hydrogen

properties of hydrogen

Why is hydrogen unique

Test for hydrogen

Uses of hydrogen

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Production of hydrogen

Production of hydrogen

As the reaction between a metal and acid produces hydrogen, we can place this reaction in a flask that is connected to a delivery tube, that will allow hydrogen to pass through it ending up in a water trough, hydrogen will try to escape by bubbling up into the glass jar

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Properties of hydrogen

Properties of hydrogen

Colorless: - can’t be see

Odorless: - has no small

Tasteless: - doesn’t have a taste

Gas: - found in gas state, not liquid, or solid

Lightest gas: - least density, lighter then air

Explosive: - H2 + O2 H2O + energy

reactants combine causing an explosion

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Why is hydrogen unique?

Why is hydrogen unique?

Hydrogen is knows as a very unique element as: -

It is a non-metal in group(I)

- Usually elements in group(I) are metals

2) It tends to form more than one ion

- H1+ is non as a proton (stable)

- H1- is known as a hydride (unstable)

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Test for hydrogen

Test for hydrogen

A boy forgets to label contents of 2 tubes, but he remembers that one of them has hydrogen, and the other has carbon dioxide

He asks his teacher, “how do I test for hydrogen?”, and the teacher answers him…

Test: - expose the gas to a lighted splint (in the presence of oxygen)

Result: - it’ll explode with a squeaky “pop sound”

The equation for the rxn is as follows: - H2 + O2 H2O + energy

The problem is that their both





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Uses of hydrogen

Uses of hydrogen

Hydrogen is a very useful gas

It is used as a fuel

It makes ammonia, NH4 (a soil fertilizer)

- 3H2 + N2 2NH4

3) It is used to make plastic (PV)

4) It also turns liquid vegetable oils into margarine


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