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Asia - China - Japan



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Asia PowerPoint

Asia PowerPoint

Mr. Clutter

Villegas Middle School

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Asia - China - Japan

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Three Empires

Three Empires

Mongols 1260-1294

Ottoman Empire 1400’s & 1500’s

Mughal Empire 1556-1605

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Genghis Khan Facts

Genghis Khan Facts

Milestones 1187? Assumed the title of Genghis Khan (Khan-king-president}

1206 Was proclaimed ruler of all Mongol people by an assembly of Mongol princes following the death of Jamuka

1221 Defeated Jalal al-Din on the banks of the Indus River, expanding the Mongol Empire to the greatest extent reached within his lifetime

1226 Defeated returning Jin forces on the Huang He (Yellow River), but died the following year while planning a continued offensive

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Genghis Khan Continued

Genghis Khan Continued

Invented the catapults and started a postal system.

Horses were considered very valuable

Legend holds that Genghis Khan was born with a clot of blood in his hand, indicating his destiny to become a conqueror.

After defeating the Tatars, Genghis Khan ordered the slaughter of all people taller than a cart handle, ensuring the loyalty of the next generation.

Grandson: Kablai Khan

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Ottoman Quick Facts

Ottoman Quick Facts

The Ottoman was an imperial power, centered around the borders of the Mediterranean Sea, that existed from 1299 to 1922.

In the 16th century, it included the Middle East, parts of North Africa, and much of south-eastern Europe. It was established by a tribe from TURKEY in western Anatola and was ruled by the Osmanlı dynasty, the ruler was SULTAN/RULER.

The Empire was founded by Osman I, in 1453, after the Ottomans captured Constantinople (modern İstanbul) (the last remnant of the Byzantine Empire), it became the Ottomans' third capital.

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Ottoman Quick Facts Part II

Ottoman Quick Facts Part II

In the 16th and 17th centuries, the Ottoman Empire was among the world's most powerful political entities, and the countries of Europe felt threatened

Janissary –lean, mean fighting machine - youths

Suleiman longest reigning sultan from 1520 – 1566. Known as Suleiman the Magnificent or the Lawgiver.

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Mughal Empire Mughal means Mongol in Arabic

Mughal Empire Mughal means Mongol in Arabic

The Mughal Empire, an empire that at its greatest territorial extent ruled parts of Afghanistan, Balochistan and most of the Indian Subcontinent between 1526 and 1857.

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