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Roman Republic



Slaves took jobs from the plebs so plebs were given food and other benefits

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Collapse of the Republic

Collapse of the Republic

Gracchus brothers

Violence used to impose one's will


Re-election to consulate (many times)

Standing army


Assumption of dictator powers

Use of the army to override councils

Proscription list

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Julius Caesar 100-44 BC

Julius Caesar 100-44 BC

Early Life

Born to aristocratic family

Caesarian section

Legend that he descended from the gods

Known for partying and sexual appetite

Captured by pirates and held for ransom

Returned to area and killed pirates

Appointed to a series of government jobs

Statue of Alexander

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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar


Praised for his work in Spain

Appointed governor in Gaul (conquest)

Alliance with Crassus and Pompey to form the triumvirate (not initially, but later elected)

Rivalry with Pompey after death of Crassus

Crossing the Rubicon

Uprising in Asia

Veni, vidi, vici—I came, I saw, I conquered

Conquest of Egypt


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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Returned to Rome as a conquering hero

Procession for each territory on a different day (Gaul, Africa, Spain, Asia) and games for many additional days

Offered crown (as emperor) twice and refused it when people didn't respond favorably

Dictator (rule by one man)

Appointed for 10 years and then for life

Caesar’s plans for Rome

Calendar (July)

Libraries, theaters, other public works

Gave citizenship to people in Spain and Gaul

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Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Murder of Caesar

Killed by senatorial opponents

Instigated by his usurpation of power and their fear that he would become emperor

Died March 15, 44 BC

Stabbed by 20 senators

Brutus—illegitimate son

Mark Anthony and Octavian

Rallied against the conspirators

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Thank You

Thank You

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Collapse of the Republic

Collapse of the Republic

Violence used to eliminate enemies and impose one’s will


Re-election to consulate (many times) and standing army


Assumption of dictator powers, use of the army to override councils, proscription list


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Roman Republic

Roman Republic

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