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Vietnam War



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Was America fighting

Was America fighting

a "Just War"?

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What is a just war?

What is a just war?

A just war is that:-

A good intention should be behind it

It should be a last resort

There must be a chance of success

How should a just war be fought:-

-innocent people should not be harmed

Only appropriate force should be used

Internationally agreed conventions regulating war must be obeyed

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The Vietnam war occurred in Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia during 1959 and 30 april1975. the war started when communist north Vietnam tried to take over the republic of south Vietnam. It was the longest war America ad ever fought in and it lasted 15 years.

North Vietnam wanted to take over South Vietnam. If they succeeded then it’ll be likely that Laos and Cambodia will turn Communist.

Laos and Cambodia might’ve turned Communist because they are so vulnerable

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Domino Theory

Domino Theory

The Domino Theory was that if North Vietnam won the war then Laos Cambodia and the rest of Asia will turn communist. America and south Vietnam did not wan to be communist and let it spread throughout Asia.

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it’ll help South Vietnam

justice may be brought

There wont be any communism

The Domino Theory was that if south Vietnam became communist then all the other Asian countries will become against.

The Americans had more weapons, machine guns, rockets, launchers, tanks and helicopters.

The war established peace and stability.


Vietnam could fight for themselves

The U.S used napalm which killed 400 000 innocent civilians

No one in America supported the war as it used unnecessary force which massacred the whole village

William Kaylie was responsible for the killing of loads of civilians. He was imprisoned for life.

most of South Vietnam didn't support the U.S

Many Americans staged anti-war protest

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What was happening to U.S during the war?

What was happening to U.S during the war?

Hippie movement started on December 31st .During the 1960’s 250 000 anti-war protestors gathered in Washington D.C. It was the largest protest to occur during the Vietnam war. Many Americans where against the war in Vietnam mainly because 48 100 American soldiers died including 4 Students. They did not like the idea that America got involved in the Vietnam War. Thousands and Thousands of deaths occurred. Too many people died.

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