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Washington DC – Overview




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The Inauguration

The Inauguration

In the United States, a new president is elected every four years.

When a new president is elected, there is a ceremony to mark the start of the new presidential term.

The president takes an oath to serve his country.

A president serves a four year term. A president is only allowed to serve 2 terms.

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Universities and Art Galleries

Universities and Art Galleries

Many universities are located in Washington D.C.

Some well-known (famous) universities are Georgetown, George Washington and Howard University.

The National Gallery of Art is located in Washington D.C. It has both European and American paintings and sculptures.

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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Where is Washington D.C. located?

Who is the city named for?

Name some famous landmarks or museums located in Washington D.C.

Where is your capital city?

When was it founded (approximately)?

Name some famous landmarks (historic sites) in your capital.

What political ceremonies do you have in Russia?

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