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Clever Coyote – a Native American Story loosely based on a Comanche Myth




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Clever Coyote

Clever Coyote

The more the boy cried, and the more Coyote howled to make him feel better, the more frightened the buffalo became. One buffalo began to run. The other buffalo ran after him. They ran until they had scattered all over the Plains. Howling angrily, the monster ran after the buffalo.

While the monster was gone, Coyote took the small boy to live with the people.

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Clever Coyote

Clever Coyote

The monster hunted and hunted, and grew more and more angry, but he could not find a single buffalo. The buffalo had scattered without a trace.

Late that night, when the monster stomped home to his lair, young warriors were waiting. They killed the monster, much to the relief of one small boy and all of the people and all of the animals.

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Clever Coyote

Clever Coyote

That is why the elders say it is Coyote to whom we owe the buffalo. Even today, the people still give thanks to clever Coyote.

If it had not been for the smart head and warm heart of one little dog, that horrible monster would have kept all the buffalo for himself forever.

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