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The Sun A Nuclear Powerhouse




However, those experiments also found the same problem: too few neutrinos (the gallium experiments found about 2/3 the expected number).

The puzzling lack of neutrinos from the Sun is called the solar neutrino problem.

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Possible Explanations:

Possible Explanations:

Nuclear fusion is not the Sun's power source.

Not supported by observations, not likely to be the correct reason.

The experiments were not calibrated correctly.

Unlikely that all carefully-tuned experiments were tuned in the same wrong way. Experiments independently verified by many other scientists; astronomers think that the results are correct.

The nuclear reaction rate in the Sun is lower than what our calculations say.

Possible but many people have checked and re-checked the physics of the reaction rates.

Strong constraints in how much one can lower the temperature in the core of the Sun to slow down the reactions.

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Solar Neutrino Solution

Solar Neutrino Solution

Three types of neutrinos exist.

The Sun produces only one type, called electron neutrinos

The experiments detect only electron-type.

On their way from the Sun, neutrinos can transform from one type to another  we only detect 1/3 of the mix at Earth.

This also implies that neutrinos have mass, very small, but not zero.

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Neutrino Oscillations

Neutrino Oscillations

The Sun produces only e neutrinos (green).

This becomes one of the types 1, 2, or 3 on its way to Earth.

These 3 mix on their way to Earth.

When we look at the neutrinos on Earth, some of the original green is now blue or yellow.

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