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Geophysical Concepts, Applications and Limitations



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Geothermal Energy: Geophysical Concepts, Applications and Limitations

Geothermal Energy: Geophysical Concepts, Applications and Limitations

Prof. Dr. Manfred Koch

Department of Geohydraulics and Engineering Hydraulics

University of Kassel

Kassel Winter University, January 6, 2012

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0 Energy statistics

1 Origins of geothermal energy

1.1 Leftover heat from the accretion of the earth

1.2 Radioactive decay

1.3 Heat flow from the earth’s interior

2 Classification of geothermal systems

2.1 Deep geothermal reservoirs

2.1.1 High-enthalpy reservoirs

2.1.2 Low-enthalpy reservoirs Hydrothermal systems Petrothermal systems Deep earth tubes

2.2 Surficial geothermal energy use with heat pumps

2.3 Geothermal energy from tunnels

2.4 Geothermal energy from mining shafts

2.5 Geothermal energy from seasonal storage systems

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3. Use of geothermal energy

3.1 Direct use

3.2 Heating and cooling with geothermal energy

3.3 Electric power generation

4. Economic and regulatory aspects for the use of geothermal energy in Germany

5. Ecological aspects

6.1 Energy potential

6.2 Regeneration of the geothermal reservoir

6. Risks

7.1 Risks of seismic events

7.2 Risks for building due to vertical deformation of the ground surface and

due to drilling

7.3 Economic risk of a geothermal project

7. Potential of geothermal energy for Germany

8. References

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0 Energy statistics/Germany

0 Energy statistics/Germany

Primary energy mix for Germany

Renewable energy production in Germany

Users of energy in Germany

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0 Energy statistics/geothermal power capacity in the world

0 Energy statistics/geothermal power capacity in the world



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Geothermal Energy and Geothermics

Geothermal Energy and Geothermics

Geothermal energy is that part of the total heat energy stored within the Earth’s interior that is available for human use. That means practically that it is related to the heat energy stored in the upper layers (crust) of the earth.

Although the earth’s stored heat is theoretically finite, its large amount (12.6 x 1024 MJ) makes geothermal energy practically a renewable energy that can theoretically sustain the energy needs of mankind many times.

Geothermics is the science that deals with the theoretical studdy of the thermal regime of the earth as well as the engineering aspects to use the earth’s heat for heating / cooling and electric power generations.

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