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Steinbeck opens each chapter by describing a setting and introduces each character with a description

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Section B: Blood Brothers

Section B: Blood Brothers


What role do they have in the play?

How do they interact with the other characters?

How does Russell present them? (consider their language and actions)

How are they linked to the themes of the play?

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Section B: Blood Brothers

Section B: Blood Brothers


Class – working V. middle

Nature V. Nurture

Ties – family and friends

Loyalty and trust

Opportunities e.g. education

Responsibility for actions

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Section B: Blood Brothers

Section B: Blood Brothers


Liverpool late 20th Century

Industrialised North

Differences between the impoverished and ill educated lower classes and the wealthier opportunistic middle classes

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Section B: Blood Brothers

Section B: Blood Brothers

Language and Structure

Colloquial Liverpudlian V. Standard English

Use of songs to project character, description and themes

Follows the structure of a play but uses the narrator as a link pin

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Section C: Poetry

Section C: Poetry

You will be given one unseen poem

You may be given a series of bullet points to help you to discuss the:

poem’s content

ideas the poet puts across

mood of the poem

way it’s written e.g. language poetic devices etc…

your response – do not say that it’s boring or crap

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Section C: Poetry (FITCLASS)

Section C: Poetry (FITCLASS)

Form – the layout and structure

Ideas – the themes that are presented

Tone – think, tone of voice

Context – social, historical and cultural

Language – devices such as: enjambment, personification, metaphor and simile

Attitudes – of poet and narrator (they may be separate)

Sound – use of alliteration, assonance, onomatopoeia

Subject – the content of the poem

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And Finally:

And Finally:

Don’t panic!

Do your best!


Good luck!

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