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The IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)




Individualization of IEP


Parental involvement

Teacher involvement

Collaboration of what best suites studentís needs

(Wright and Wright, 1998)

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IEP in the Classroom

IEP in the Classroom

-To include accommodations

-To include modifications on

class work

-To use a different assessment tool if needed to measure childís academic abilities

-Teacher shall be an active part of the childís

planning and must use modifications

(Wright and Wright, 1998)

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Placement Decisions

Placement Decisions

The law Section 1414(e).

-Parentís are to be included as a member of the IEP

-Placement decisions can not be reached without IEP team agreement

*Necessary to have:

-parent and team consensus about aspects relative to childís needs and placement

(Wright and Wright, 1998)

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Reviewing and Revising IEP

Reviewing and Revising IEP

*Reviewed yearly.

*Reassess annual goals.

*Revise the IEP to address: - any lack of expected progress - results of any reevaluation -information provided by the parents ∑ anticipated needs (Section 1414(d)(4)(A))

(Wright and Wright, 1998))

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Reviewing and Revising IEP Cont. Amending the IEP

Reviewing and Revising IEP Cont. Amending the IEP

-The parent and school agree to amend or modify the IEP, they may revise the IEP by agreement without convening an IEP meeting.

-Create meeting document describing changes or modifications in the IEP of the parties

-include signature of personís agreement

-document IEP meeting was not held

(Section 1414(d)(3)(D))

(Wright and Wright, 1998)

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