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Roman Empire





Divided the empire for better administration

Tetrarchy (2 Augusti, 2 Caesars)

Diocletian retired, forced Maximiam to retire

Chaos followed

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306-337 AD

Constantine’s father succeeded Maximian as Augustus

Succeeded his father as Caesar

Became 1 of 7 claimants for control

Fought wars to decide emperor

Vision of a burning Christian symbol (chi-rho)

United the troops and gave them courage that "a god" wanted them to win (most were pagans and accepted the protection of any god)

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Built on Byzantium site

Acceptance of Christianity

Edict of Milan

Eliminated religious contention

Supported Christian religions

St. Helena, churches

Supported pagan religions

Coins, inscriptions, built temples

Nicaean council (325 AD)

Sought to unify doctrine

Used imperial troops to suppress dissent among Christians (Donatists)

Conversion or unity?

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Post-Constantine Period

Post-Constantine Period

Theodocius I

Strongest post-Constantine emperor

Instituted Christianity as state religion

Goths joined army to fight against Huns

Revolt in Thessalonica (7000 killed)

This was the first confrontation between the church and the state

Theodocius I forced to beg forgiveness (St. Ambrose)

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Post-Constantine Period

Post-Constantine Period


Rome full of crime, decayed morals

Capital moved to Ravenna

Persians (Parthians)

Attacked eastern providence

Overran the local Roman army

Reinforcement moved to defend the east which weakened the west

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Post-Constantine Period

Post-Constantine Period


Central base in Hungary

Warriors feared by Romans and Germans

Attila—last leader

Invaded Gaul

Defeated in 451 AD by a combined army

Moved into Italy and defeated again

Withdrew to Hungary

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Post-Constantine Period

Post-Constantine Period

Barbarians (illiterate and non-urban)

Settled in Roman territory after pressure from the Huns

Goths split into two groups

Ostrogoths—eastern Europe

Visigoths—moved to Dacia (Romania)

Allowed to live on Roman land

Barbarians compatible with Romans

Visigoths revolted after unfair taxing

Theodosius the Great bought off the Visigoths

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Fall of the Roman Empire

Fall of the Roman Empire

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