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Roman Republic




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Roman Republic

Roman Republic

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Founding of Rome  The Roman Race

Founding of Rome The Roman Race

The tale of Aeneas (The Aeneid)

Dido at Carthage and other travels (like The Odyssey)

Historical evidence

Settlements from 11th Century BC

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Founding of Rome  The Roman Race

Founding of Rome The Roman Race

Wars against the Latins (like The Illiad)

Rape of the Sabine Women (Jacques Louis David)

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Founding of Rome  The City (Kingdom) of Rome

Founding of Rome The City (Kingdom) of Rome

Romulus and Remus

Latin princess was Vestal virgin

Raped by Mars, bore twin boys

Ordered killed by non-Latin king

Suckled by a wolf

Grew and founded a city (753BC)

Romulus killed Remus

Historic Evidence

The Etruscans conquered the Romans (non-Latin king)

Romans eventually overthrew Etruscans and established kingdom

Ruins of home of king (Romulus?) date from 8th Century BC

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Regal Period

Regal Period

Began with war of independence from Etruscans (500 BC)

War heroes exhibit desired qualities of Romans

Horatio at the bridge (Oath of the Horatii by Jacques Louis David)

Stories became legends for Romans throughout their history

Compare to American War of Independence

Regal period

Ruled by 7 kings

Revolted against last king to found the republic

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Republican Government

Republican Government

Ruled by a senate and the people

SPQR= Senate and the People of Rome

Senate (patricians) appointed consuls (1 year)

Foreign affairs and the military

Direct access by the people to the consul

People (plebs) organized by tribes and they elected 10 tribunes

Governed local affairs

Had veto power (individually)

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Constitution (balanced power)

Constitution (balanced power)


Never made laws but advice was accepted

Had power to appoint a person to solve a specific problem (He was a "speaker" or "dictator")

Appointed censors (moral guardian/rank judge)

Appointed governors

Concilium plebis

Made all the laws (called plebecites)

Elected magistrates (administrators) and judges

Comitia Curiata/Centuriata plebs and patricians

Committed the emporium (military power)

All met in the forum (looked over each other)

Pontifex Maximus

Religious leader

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