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● Electronics and Communication Engineering

● Electronics and Communication Engineering

● Linear Electronic Circuits

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What is Electronics?

What is Electronics?

● It is the branch of science and Technology which deals with the motion of electrons in various systems or devices.

● Electronics includes devices like diodes,transistors,rectifiers, these devices many systems work efficiently.

● The world is amazing by these very very tiny components which are embeded in to the systems(like radios,computers,etc.) for their working.

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What is a circuit?

What is a circuit?

● It is any closed system consists of various components(Electronic) linked to each other to make a circuit functional.

● This circuits is of very small in size.

● Even in chips we have plenty of circuits present in them.

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Electronic components(or)devices

Electronic components(or)devices

● Diodes

● Rectifiers

● Transformers

● Transistors

● and etc.

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● Diode is a semiconductor which is made of with the combination of the p and n type semiconductors.

● It can be denoted by the symbol

● The main characteristic of the diode is it can block the current in one direction and allows the flow in another direction.

● Diodes are mostly made up of Silicon and Germanium.

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● Rectifier is one which converts AC current into DC current known as rectification

● Number of diodes are used in rectifiers.

● If only one diode is used in a rectifier it is called as a rectifier the only difference is a rectifier converts AC current to DC current.

● There are two types of rectifiers one is half wave rectifier and another is full wave rectifier.

● Rectifiers are used in power supplies and in radio signals.

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● These transformers also did the same thing as rectifiers as taking ac voltage or current throught it and convert it to dc supply.

● There are two types of transformers namely step up,step down tranformers.

● Mutual induction process is takes place while converting from ac to dc.

● And the number of primary and secondary coils are responsible for the step up and step down transformers.

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