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Light Can Carry a Lot of Information

Light Can Carry a Lot of Information

Holograms and fiber optics are two methods of information transfer that use light.

Holograms are made using lasers to record a 3 dimensional object on a 2 dimensional surface, like a piece of paper. Our eyes see the object because of controlled use of diffraction.

Fiber optics is a method of sending information as light through a cable. This light signal can be changed to music, video and more!

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts

A hologram the size of a sugar cube could hold enough information for about 30 DVD movies!

CD’s, like holograms, use diffraction patterns to store information.

Light from the sun can be transformed into usable energy to power homes, cars and more.

Light at the far ends of the spectrum, like microwaves (far into the infrared) and gamma rays (far into the ultraviolet) have some very interesting properties. You could read about them in the library, or on the internet!

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