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King George III




This Act stated that British government had power to legislate laws governing the colonies.

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Townshend revenue acts

Townshend revenue acts

June 1767, Parliament passes the Townshend Revenue Acts.

Imposition of a new series of taxes or the colonists to offset costs of administering and protecting the American colonies.

Taxed items included:






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The boston massacre

The boston massacre

Occurred on March 5, 1770.

Mob harassed soldiers.

Soldiers fired muskets point blank into the crowd.

(3) were killed instantly

(2) mortally wounded

(6) injured

Captain Thomas Preston was arrested along with eight (8) of his men.

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Townshend acts - repealed

Townshend acts - repealed

Repealed in April 1770.

Duties on imports were eliminated on everything except for tea.

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The tea act

The tea act

Went into effect on May 10, 1773.

A 3 penny per pound import tax on tax was imposed.

British East India Company had a tea monopoly and were underselling American merchants.

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The boston tea party

The boston tea party

Occurred on December 16, 1773.

Colonial activists dresses as Mohawk Indians and boarded the ships docked in Boston Harbor.

All 342 tea containers were dumped into the Boston Harbor.

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Coercive acts (intolerable acts)

Coercive acts (intolerable acts)

March 1774, Parliament passes the Coercive Acts (Intolerable Acts).

The Coercive Acts were in response to the Boston Tea Party.

The Boston Port Bill closed all commercial shipping in the Boston Harbor until Massachusetts agreed to pay taxes on the tea that was dumped into Boston Harbor.

The Coercive Act also required reimbursement to the East India Company for the loss of the tea.

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First continental congress

First continental congress

Met in Philadelphia from September 5, 1774, until October 26, 1774.

All colonies were represented at the First Continental Congress but Georgia.

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Conflict arises

Conflict arises

April 14, 1775, England secretly orders Massachusetts Governor Gage to enforce the Coercive Acts and suppress rebellion among the colonists.

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