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The French and Indian War




The French and Indian War The Treaty of Paris

The French and Indian War The Treaty of Paris

1763: The Treaty of Paris marked the end of France as a power in North America

The continent was now divided between Great Britain and Spain with the Mississippi River marking the boundary

Native Americans still living on the lands and were not given a section of it by the European agreement

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Trouble on the Frontier After the French and Indian War

Trouble on the Frontier After the French and Indian War

The British victory over the French was a devastating blow to the Native Americans of the Ohio River valley

They had lost their French allies and trading partners

They began to trade with the British but saw them as enemies

The British raised prices of traded goods and unlike the French refused to pay Native Americans for the use of their land

Worst of all, British settlers began moving into the valleys west of Pennsylvania

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Pontiacís War

Pontiacís War

Chief Pontiac was the leader of an Ottawa village near Detroit

He recognized that the British settlers threatened the Native American way of life

Chief Pontiac formed an alliance of the Shawnee and Delaware tribes to fight the British

Spring 1763: They attacked British forts in the Great Lake region

Summer 1763: The alliance of Native Americans kill settlers in Western PA and Virginia

These raids became known as Pontiacís War

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Pontiacís War

Pontiacís War

Although the Native Americans won many battles they failed to capture important forts as: Niagara, Fort Pitt, and Detroit

1765: The Native Americans were defeated by the British

July 1766: Pontiac signed a peace treaty and was pardoned by the British

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The Proclamation of 1763

The Proclamation of 1763

To prevent more fighting King George halted settlerís westward expansion

In the Proclamation of 1763 the Appalachian Mountains were the temporary western boundary for the colonies

This angered many colonists who were already living in the area, or who have recently purchased land in the area

These colonists land claims were now not recognized

The Proclamation of 1763 created friction between the colonies and Great Britain

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