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How Are Images of the Sun Taken




4. Photosphere

This is the part of the sun we see

5. Chromosphere

a part of the Sun’s atmosphere

6. Corona

This is a bright halo around the Sun

Diameter of the Sun = Diameter of 56 Earths!

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Energy Escapes the Sun

Energy Escapes the Sun

Fusion occurs in the Sun’s core, the hottest part.

The energy released by the fusion in the Sun’s core is in the form of light.

It only takes 8 minutes for light from the surface of the Sun to reach Earth

But it takes 170,000 for the light energy from the core to reach the Sun’s surface because it doesn’t go in a straight line

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The Changing Sun

The Changing Sun

The surface of the Sun is constantly changing

The Sun is shooting particles off it all the time called the Solar Wind

There is an 11-year “Solar Cycle” when the Sun goes from being very active (solar maximum) to not not very active (solar minimum

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How is the Sun active?

How is the Sun active?

The solar cycle is characterized by the rising and falling of solar activity

The solar maximum is the period of greatest solar activity

During solar maximum the Sun is more active meaning there are more sunspots and solar flares

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‘Dark’ spots on the Sun's surface that are cooler than the surrounding areas

Temperature of:

Sunspot= 3800 K

Surrounding area= 5800 K


The strong magnetic field in that area stops the area from being able to transfer energy so the temperature isn’t as high

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More about Sunspots

More about Sunspots

Sunspots can be about the size of Earth or even bigger!!!

They come in pairs

They are still really hot, just not as hot as the rest of the Sun’s surface

Sunspots move across Sun’s surface as it rotates_

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Magnetic Activity on the Sun

Magnetic Activity on the Sun

Sunspots are caused by strong magnetic fields

Magnetic “ropes” break through the Sun’s surface

At each end of the rope is a sunspot

It is the Sun’s magnetic activity that causes solar storms and solar flares

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How do we know all of this about the Sun?

How do we know all of this about the Sun?


You can look at the Sun through a telescope with special filters.

You can also use a solar telescope that projects the image of the Sun onto a piece of paper instead of into your eye.


There are also several spacecraft that

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