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Limestone,oil, fractionational distillation




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Limestone, oil, fractional distillation

Limestone, oil, fractional distillation

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Limestone is a rock made up of mainly calcium carbonate. It’s cheap and easy to obtain. Some uses:

1) Building materials – limestone can be quarried and cut into blocks to be used in _. However, it is badly affected by .

2) Glass making – glass is made by mixing limestone with _ and soda:

3) Cement making – limestone can be “roasted” in a rotary kiln to produce dry cement. It’s then mixed with sand and gravel to make _.

Words – sand, building, sedimentary, concrete, acid rain

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Words – slaked, acidic, neutralise, decomposition, carbon dioxide

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Formation of oil and gas

Formation of oil and gas

1) Layers of dead sea _ settle on the seabed.

2) Layers of rock build up on top.

3) The heat and from these rocks, along with the absence of , mean that oil and gas are formed over of years.

Words – sedimentary, millions, oxygen, creatures, pressure

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Hydrocarbons and crude oil

Hydrocarbons and crude oil

Longer chains mean…

Less ability to flow

Less flammable

Less volatile

Higher boiling point

Crude oil is a mixture of HYDROCARBONS (compounds made up of carbon and hydrogen). Some examples:

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Fractional distillation

Fractional distillation

Crude oil can be separated by fractional distillation. The oil is evaporated and the hydrocarbon chains of different lengths condense at different temperatures:


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