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Plains Indians




What They Wore- Women wore skirts and moccasins, and in the winter they wore buckskin dresses, men would wear loin cloths in warmer weather

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3 Interesting Facts About the Pawmee

3 Interesting Facts About the Pawmee

Pawnee name derived from Caddoan pariki, meaning “horn”.

Men were excellent hunters.

They hunted quail, raccoons, skunks, and prairie chickens.

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BlackFoot Tribe

BlackFoot Tribe

Lived- Montana

How They Lived- They were excellent warriors. They were also very good hunters.

What They Wore- They wore many animals skins and used mother nature to supply there colthing

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3 Interesting Facts About Blackfoot

3 Interesting Facts About Blackfoot

They are called Blackfoot because of how they wore black moccasins.

Every part of the buffalo was used for various reasons. It was never wasted.

They lived in buffalo made teepees.

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Work Cited

Work Cited

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