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Andrew Jackson – The Age of the Common Man




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Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

The Age of the “Common Man”

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What you need to know

What you need to know

Age of Jackson, 1828-1848

Democracy and the "common man"

Expansion of suffrage

Rotation in office

Second party system

Democratic Party

Whig Party

Internal improvements and states' rights: the Maysville Road veto

The Nullification Crisis

Tariff issue

The Union: Calhoun and Jackson

The Bank War: Jackson and Biddle

Martin Van Buren

Independent treasury system

Panic of 1837

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Study Guide for TEST

Study Guide for TEST

Election 1810 & 1824 & 1828

Missouri Compromise

John Marshall

Monroe Doctrine


Henry Clay

Adams-Onis Treaty

Land Ordinance

Tariff 1816

War of 1812

Constitutional Convention

Hamilton Plan

Jefferson & Madison Policies

Massive Growth 1800-1850


Rush Bagot Treaty

War Hawks

Protective Tariff

Articles of Confederation

Corrupt Bargain

John Q. Adams

Andrew Jackson

Bank War

Indian Removal


South Carolina Exposition


Martin Van Buren

Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison


American system (Madison Platform)

Marbury v. Madison

Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions

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Why is the age of Jackson referred to as the “Age of the Common Man?”

Why is the age of Jackson referred to as the “Age of the Common Man?”

Culture of an American Hero

Expansion of Suffrage

Popular campaigning

“The people are the Government, the sovereign power.” Jackson

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Culture of an American Hero

Culture of an American Hero

Jackson is perhaps 2nd only to Washington in popularity

Indian Fighter, “Old Hickory”

War Hero- New Orleans

Tough, self-made man

Epitome or personification of the West

Independent, strong willed, strong values of what is right and wrong

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Jackson Image

Jackson Image

Society in America should be one which

“The planter, the farmer, the mechanic, and the laborer, all know that their success depends on their own industry and economy.”

Privileges of the Elites will not be allowed to stifle opportunity.

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