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Andrew Jackson – The Age of the Common Man




Jackson is angry at cabinet

He forms an informal group of advisors, excludes cabinet input except Van Buren

Calhoun decides to resign- he doesn’t like

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Hayne-Webster Debate

Hayne-Webster Debate

Hayne was a Senator for S. Carolina

With Calhoun

Suggest the West should unite with the south against the EAST.

Issues-both regions are victims of Eastern econmic tyranny


Webster – Senator from Massachusetts

Responds to Hayne

Keep the Union

“Liberty and Union, now and forever one and inseparable.” Webster

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Nullification Crisis

Nullification Crisis

Calhoun- “Mr. Southerner”

Advocate of States’ Rights (major cause of Civil War)

Breaks with Jackson, early, Eaton Affair

Calhoun quits to be senator from South Carolina

Jackson quote “Our Federal Union it must be preserved.”

Calhoun, “The Union, next to our liberty most dear.”

Highlights differences

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Nullification Crisis

Nullification Crisis

New Tariff of 1828 cause South to claim “Tariff of Abominations”

States’ Rights advocate Calhoun secretly authors

South Carolina Exposition and Protest

Created doctrine that said, states could when they follow process, Nullify Federal laws

Tariff ^ causes prices ^

Causes prices for imports to ^

Causes economic problems for the south

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South Carolina convention passes Ordinance of Nullification

South Carolina convention passes Ordinance of Nullification

Causes Jackson to get tough

Sends the proclamation to people of South Carolina

Said- Nullification does not exist

No secession will be allowed

“Disunion by armed force is Treason”

Jackson asked Congress for Force Bill- authority to use force on nullifying states

Clay comes to the rescue with compromise

Webster supported

South Carolina and Calhoun back down

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Bank War 1832-33

Bank War 1832-33

Bank of the US needs to be renewed

Jackson against bank (thought bank had too much power)

Clay wants US bank

Webster wanted bank

Biddle- bank president wanted bank

Jackson vetoes bank bill-

Said monopoly on bank favored Eastern rich

“To make the rich richer and the potent more powerful, at the expense of the humble members of society- the farmers, mechanics, and laborers.”

“The federal government must provide equal protection under the law.”

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Results of Bank War

Results of Bank War

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