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The solar system




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The solar system

The solar system

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What is the solar system?

What is the solar system?

The Sun, its planets and other objects in orbit are all together known as the solar system.

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The nine planets

The nine planets

(starting with the closest to the Sun)










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How do these planets move?

How do these planets move?

The Sun is a star which the nine planets move around.

The path each planet travels around is called it orbit.

The planets are kept in their orbits due to the pulling force of the Suns gravity.

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What are moons?

What are moons?

Moons are ‘natural satellites’

Moons orbit around a planet

The moon stays in its orbit due to the gravitational pull of the planet

Our moon has a circular orbit

We see the moon because it reflects light

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What are moons?

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What else is found in our Solar system?

What else is found in our Solar system?




These are minor planets found in their thousands between Mars and Jupiter

These are probably fragments of asteroids that broke up

These are lumps of ‘dirty ice’ a few km across that travel in highly elliptical orbits. As they near the Sun they warm up. This causes a tail of dust and cloud.

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What is a galaxy

What is a galaxy

A galaxy is made up of billions of stars

Our galaxy is called the Milky Way galaxy, that has a spiral shape

Our Sun is just one of the stars that form the Milky way galaxy

The Milky Way is 100 000 light years across, and the nearest star to Earth (apart from the Sun) is 4.2 light years away

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The Milky Way galaxy

The Milky Way galaxy

Our solar system is here

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What is a light year?

What is a light year?

A light year is not a period of time

A light year is a distance

A light year is the distance that light travels in one year

As light travels at a speed of 300 000 000 m/s (or 300 000 km/s) then if we multiply this by the number of seconds in a year we will see that light will have travelled 9.5 x 1015 m (9 500 000 000 000 000 m )

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