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Preposition is a word, which is used before a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun , connecting it to another word.

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Kinds of Prepositions

Kinds of Prepositions

@ Simple prepositions: Prepositions which consists only one word.

e.g. in, on, at, with, against etc ,

@ Compound prepositions: Prepositions which consists of two or more words.

e.g. instead of, in the middle of, by the side of etc ,

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Some prepositions

Some prepositions

on, through, behind, for, beneath, against, beside, over, during, without, abroad, across, among, against, around ,at the end, at the bottom, between, behind, below, by , inside , corner, into, via, after , to , about ,in, on, at, since ,while, under, over, right, left

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Kinds of Prepositions

Kinds of Prepositions

There are three types in prepositions

Place of Prepositions

Time of Prepositions

Direction of Prepositions

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Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Place

Some prepositions show where something happens. They are called prepositions of place.


Sanny was sitting under a tree.

Thereís a wooden floor underneath the carpet.

Some geese flew over their house.

John and Sarah were hiding inside the wardrobe.

There was a tree beside the river.

I have a friend who lives in America.

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Prepositions of Time

Prepositions of Time

Some prepositions show when something happens. They are called prepositions of time.


School starts at nine oíclock.

Weíre going to the zoo on Saturday.

No, you canít watch a video. Itís past your bedtime already.

I visited my grandparents during the summer.

You must finish the work by Friday.

Iíll do my homework before dinner.

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Prepositions of Direction

Prepositions of Direction

Some prepositions show where something is going. They are called prepositions of direction.


The boys chased after each other.

The football rolled down the hill.

A man was walking his dog along the riverbank.

The freeway goes right through the city.

We were travelling towards Miami.

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Prepositions with special uses

Prepositions with special uses

Our modules are full of real life examples.

I ate a plate of rice and a quarter of milk.

Would you like a glass of lemon juice?

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