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An early history

Mount Zion, Jerusalem

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Ancient Canaan 1700 - 1386 B.C.E

Ancient Canaan 1700 - 1386 B.C.E

Pharaoh Amenhotep ruled over Egypt and Canaan

The Pharoah Ramses III forced the Philistines to settle in Canaan

In 1750 B.C.E - The12 tribes of Israel settled in Egypt from Mesopotamia, the bands of ancient Hebrews descended from the patriarch Jacob

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In 1250 B.C.E , the Israelites led by Moses, escaped from Egypt and lived in the desert.

Mount Sinai is where Moses received the ten commandments from God

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The Taking of Canaan

The Taking of Canaan

Moses appointed Joshua and Caleb as military leaders

Joshua and the Israelites defeated the Philistines living in Canaan.

Later, Saul was anointed the first King of Israel 1020- 1000 B.C.E

Later, David defeated Goliath and became King. He also took over the city of Jerusalem. David brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem

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Kingdom of Israel

Kingdom of Israel

The kingdom of Israel reached the height of its existence and included the most territory under the reign of King David (1000–961 B.C.E).

Its borders stretched far beyond present-day Israeli borders and included parts of what is now Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

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The First Temple is Built

The First Temple is Built

King Solomon, the second son of David had the first temple built on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. (reigned 961-922 B.C.E)

By 970 B.C.E, Jerusalem was a very powerful city.

The Temple housing the Ark became

the House of Yahweh for the Israelites.

After Solomon's death, Israel split into two: Israel and Judah.

During this time, Isaiah prophesies

that a Messiah is to appear on earth

as a savior of humankind.

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Nebuchadnezzar II destroys Jerusalem

Nebuchadnezzar II destroys Jerusalem

The Babylonians worshipped Marduk.

Nebuchadnezzar, the King of Babylon defeated Assyria and Egypt in 605 B.C.E

During his 43-year reign, Nebuchadnezzar II expanded the kingdom of Babylonia by conquering much of south-western Asia.

He also captured Jerusalem, taking many of the captive Jews to Babylon.

He had the Temple destroyed and the Ark of the Covenant disappeared.

Most of the Jews where forced into exile and Jerusalem became a wasteland.

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Ezekiel : The Prophet

Ezekiel : The Prophet

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