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Heat Energy




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Heat energy

Heat energy

What is HEAT?

Form of energy and measured in JOULES

Particles move about more and take up more room if heated – this is why things expand if heated

It is also why substances change from: solids liquids gases when heated

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Heat and Temperature

Heat and Temperature

The temperature of an object tells us how HOT it is

Measured in degrees Celsius - °C

It is NOT the same as heat energy although the two quantities are related. e.g. a beaker of water at 60 °C is hotter than a bath of water at 40 °C BUT the bath contains more joules of heat energy

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Heating and Cooling

Heating and Cooling

If an object has become hotter, it means that it has gained heat energy.

If an object cools down, it means it has lost energy

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Heating and Cooling cont…

Heating and Cooling cont…

Heat energy always moves from: HOT object COOLER object

e.g.Cup of water at 20 °C in a room at 30°C - gains heat energy and heats up – its temperature rises

Cup of water at 20 °C in a room at 10°C loses heat energy and cools down – its temperature will fall.

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Energy transfer Conduction Convection Radiation

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Heat is transferred through a material by being passed from one particle to the next

Particles at the warm end move faster and this then causes the next particles to move faster and so on.

In this way heat in an object travels from: the HOT end the cold end

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Conduction cont…

Conduction cont…

Occurs by the particles hitting each other and so energy is transferred.

Can happen in solids, liquids and gases,

Happens best in solids-particles very close together

Conduction does not occur very quickly in liquids or gases

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Materials that conduct heat quickly are called conductors

All metals are good conductors of heat

Copper is a very good conductor of heat

Pans for cooking are usually made with a copper or aluminium bottom and plastic handles

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Insulators/poor conductors

Insulators/poor conductors

Materials that conduct heat slowly or poorly are called insulators

Glass, wood, plastic and rubber are poor conductors (good insulators)

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