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The Cell Theory




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Modern Cell Theory

Modern Cell Theory

Modern Cell Theory contains 4 statements, in addition to the original Cell Theory:

The cell contains hereditary information(DNA) which is passed on from cell to cell during cell division.

All cells are basically the same in chemical composition and metabolic activities.

All basic chemical & physiological functions are carried out inside the cells.(movement, digestion,etc)

Cell activity depends on the activities of sub-cellular structures within the cell(organelles, nucleus, plasma membrane)

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How Has The Cell Theory Been Used?

How Has The Cell Theory Been Used?

The basic discovered truths about cells, listed in the Cell Theory, are the basis for things such as:

Disease/Health/Medical Research and Cures(AIDS, Cancer, Vaccines, Cloning, Stem Cell Research, etc.)

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Some Parting Thoughts

Some Parting Thoughts

It is amazing to think that the cells that make up our bodies are just as alive as we are. Humans are just an intricately designed community of cells, which must work together to survive

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