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Healthy bodies part 1




5. Lime water can be used as a test for carbon dioxide.

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Another test for carbon dioxide.

Another test for carbon dioxide.

Bicarbonate indicator can be used as another test for carbon dioxide.

The presence of carbon dioxide will turn the indicator from dark red to orange .

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The dangers in smoking. The three poisons in cigarette smoke

The dangers in smoking.

The three poisons in cigarette smoke

1. Nicotine : - affects the brain, is addictive.

2. Carbon monoxide : - poisonous gas stops blood carrying oxygen ,can be fatal.

3. Tar : - made of many chemicals, clogs up lungs, causes cancer.

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Air Pollution

Air Pollution

1 This is a view of the air above a street in Mexico City.

2. This called smog and is caused by exhaust fumes from cars.

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Effects of air pollution on the body.

Effects of air pollution on the body.

1. Car exhaust fumes contain harmful substances from burnt petrol.

(a) lead particles which can cause brain damage in developing children.

(b) carbon monoxide reduces the ability of the blood to carry oxygen.

(c ) smoke clogs up air sacs.

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Water pollution

Water pollution

1. When sulphur dioxide is combined with water , the result can be in the form of acid rain.

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Effects of acid rain.

Effects of acid rain.

1. Can damage the linings of the lung.

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Effects of solvent abuse.

Effects of solvent abuse.

1. Can lead to people causing or being involved in accidents.

2. Long term effects include death by choking , liver failure and damage to the heart and brain.

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Effects of passive smoking.

Effects of passive smoking.

1. Essentially the same effects as smoking itself,the only difference is that the person subjected to the effects does not smoke.

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Unit 2 Heart and Blood.

Unit 2 Heart and Blood.

By the end of this unit you should :-

1. Know where the heart is in the body.

2. Know that it acts like a muscular pump.

3. Know that blood carries food,heat and oxygen round the body.

4. Know that blood flows through vessels.

5. Know that pulse rate tells how fast your heart beats.

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Heart and Blood.

Heart and Blood.

6. Know that recovery time is a measure of fitness.

7. Know that blood helps the body fight germs and disease.

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