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Healthy bodies part 1




8. Heart disease can be caused by worry,smoking and diet

9. Know that we can be protected from disease by immunisation.

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Heart and Blood.

Heart and Blood.

You may also know that :-

1. There are three types of blood vessel,namely veins,arteries and capillaries.

2. Exercise affects your pulse rate.

3. Blood consists of plasma,red cells,white cells and platelets.

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The Heart.

The Heart.

1. The right side of the heart takes blood from the body and pumps it to the lungs.

2. The left side of the heart takes blood from the lungs and pumps it to all parts of the body.

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Arteries veins and capillaries.

Arteries veins and capillaries.

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Blood Vessels.

Blood Vessels.

1. An artery is a vessel which carries blood away from the heart.

2. It has a thick muscular wall.

3. The blood travelling in the artery is under great pressure.

4. The high pressure is caused by the heart beat.

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Capillaries and Veins.

Capillaries and Veins.

1. The arteries divide into smaller vessels called capillaries.

2. The capillaries join up to form larger vessels which in turn form veins.

3. The veins carry blood back to the heart.

4. The veins are under less pressure than the arteries.

5. Veins have no pulse and are found nearer the surface than arteries.

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1. The pressure has dropped by the time it reaches the veins.

2. To prevent blood from flowing backwards,the veins have valves.

3. Valves are like doors which only open one way.

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Blood Composition.

Blood Composition.

Blood is made up from

1. Red blood cells.

2. White blood cells.

3. Platelets.

4. A white liquid called


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Red blood cells.

Red blood cells.

These cells are the carriers of oxygen round the body.

The chemical called haemoglobin makes the blood red.

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White blood cells.

White blood cells.

1. These cells are responsible for building up immunity to disease.

2. They build up antibodies which fight against various infections we get.

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The platelets are the cells which cause clotting at the sight of an injury,thus helping healing of wounds.

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