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Healthy bodies part 2




3,4,5 Increase room heating slowly.

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Maintaining Body Temperature.

Maintaining Body Temperature.

1. The brain controls body temperature.

2. When we are hot, the brain makes our body sweat and this cools us down.

3. When we are cold, the brain makes the body shiver and this makes us heat up.

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Healthy Bodies Unit 4 Diet and Alcohol 1.

Healthy Bodies Unit 4 Diet and Alcohol 1.

By the end of this unit you should :-

1. Know what makes up a healthy diet.

2. Know that eating too much can causes heart disease.

3. Know that eating causes anorexia,

4. Know how alcohol consumption can affect behavior.

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Healthy Bodies Unit 4 Diet and Alcohol 2.

Healthy Bodies Unit 4 Diet and Alcohol 2.

5. Know how many alcohol units are contained in common drinks.

6. Calculate how many alcohol units are in a bottle of alcohol.

7. Present information on alcohol in graph form.

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A Balanced Diet 1.

A Balanced Diet 1.

A balanced diet should contain the following :-

1. Fats

2. Carbohydrates

3. Proteins

4. Vitamins

5. Minerals

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A Balanced Diet 2. Fats

A Balanced Diet 2. Fats

1. These are foods that are quite high in energy content.

2. They are good for storing energy during winter when it is needed.

3. Too many fat based foods can make people obese.

4. They can also cause cholesterol in the veins and arteries which cause them to fur up like blockages in pipes.

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A Balanced Diet 3.

A Balanced Diet 3.


1. These are starchy foods like bread potatoes and pastas.

2. They are a good source of energy .

3. The calories from them can be burned off quickly.

4. If not they appear as fat.

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A Balanced Diet 4.

A Balanced Diet 4.


1. These are used for the growth and repair of body tissue.

2. Protein deficiency can result in malnutrition.

3. Meat supplies or alternatives give us our supply of proteins.

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A Balanced Diet 5.

A Balanced Diet 5.


1. These consist of vitamins A, B ,C ,D E, A and K.

2. All of these play different parts in the health of the body.

2. The picture shown is that of the bones of someone with rickets which occurs through lack of vitamin D.

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A Balanced Diet 6.

A Balanced Diet 6.


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