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Industrial Revolution in the United States




Causes for the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.

Eli Whitney started the process.

He was considered the father of manufacturing.

He invented a machine that started the Industrial Revolution in America.

Next, he invented one that continued the revolution.

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Causes for the Industrial Revolution in the U.S.

Early industrial espionage brought textile machines to the U.S.

Cotton gin

Made cotton production profitable

Provided raw material for textile factories

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Types of Industry-Location

The first factories were textile mills in New England for several reasons.

Poor soil encouraged manufacturing not farming.

The dense population provided workers.

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Types of Industry-Location

Seaports were available to import raw materials.

Rivers provided a source of power.

A shortage of goods from England inspired new mills.

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New Industries Flourished

Firearms manufacture was an important industry.

Remember Eli Whitney.

He invented interchangeable parts for guns.

This paved the way for mass production.

This gave the North superiority in weaponry for the military.

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The Ball’s Rolling

One invention led to another.

360 patents were issued between 1790-1800.

28,000 patents were issued between 1850-1860.

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The Business of Industry

Legal status changed.

The principle of limited liability was established.

Companies sold shares in a business (incorporation).

Each share is like buying a small part of the company.

Shareholders are liable for only their own shares.

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The Business of Industry

Laws of “free incorporation” were passed.

Businesses could incorporate without legislative approval.

This allowed for more capital for industries to expand.

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The Politics of Industry

Only male landowners could vote.

Most factory workers did not qualify.

Politics were run by the “upper” class.

They fought efforts to improve working conditions.

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