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Heart of Algebra




students who make use of structure or their ability to reason will reach the solution more rapidly than students who get bogged down using a calculator.

The No-Calculator portion:

allows the SAT Suite to assess fluencies valued by postsecondary instructors and includes conceptual questions for which a calculator will not be helpful.

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Student-Produced Response Questions

Student-Produced Response Questions

Student-produced response questions, or grid-ins:

The answer to each student-produced response question is a number (fraction, decimal, or positive integer) that will be entered on the answer sheet into a grid such as the one shown below.

Students may also enter a fraction line or a decimal point.

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Math Test Specifications

Math Test Specifications

*Questions under Additional Topics in Math contribute to the total Math Test score but do not contribute to a subscore within the Math Test.

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Math Test Domains

Math Test Domains

Four Math Domains:

Heart of Algebra

Linear equations


Problem Solving and Data Analysis

Ratios, rates, proportions

Interpreting and synthesizing data

Passport to Advanced Math

Quadratic, exponential functions

Procedural skill and fluency

Additional Topics in Math

Essential geometric and trigonometric concepts

Module 4

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Math Test Domains Activity

Math Test Domains Activity

What are the top 3-5 things everyone needs to know in the Math Test Domains?

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How Does The Math Test Relate to Instruction in Science, Social Studies, and Career-Related Courses?

How Does The Math Test Relate to Instruction in Science, Social Studies, and Career-Related Courses?

Math questions contribute to Cross-Test Scores, which include a score for Analysis in Science and Analysis in History/Social Studies.

The Math Test has eight questions that contribute to each of these Cross-Test Scores on the SAT, seven on PSAT/NMSQT-PSAT 10, and six on PSAT 8/9

Question content, tables, graphs, and data on the Math Test relate to topics in science and history/social studies.

On the Reading Test and the Writing and Language Test, students are asked to analyze data, graphs, and tables (no mathematical computation required).

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Heart of Algebra

Heart of Algebra

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What is ‘Heart of Algebra?’

What is ‘Heart of Algebra?’

Algebra is the language of high school mathematics; students must be proficient in order to do most of the other math learned in high school

The ability to use linear equations to model scenarios and to represent unknown quantities is powerful across the curriculum in the classroom as well as in the workplace

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