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Exam paper- English GCSE paper2




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GCSE English

GCSE English

Paper 2

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2 hours allowed in total

Section A: Tests Reading Skills

allow 40 minutes

Section B: Tests Writing Skills

allow 40 minutes for B1

allow 40 minutes for B2

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Section A: Reading

Section A: Reading

Two extracts – Media & Non-Fiction

Standard comprehension questions

Looks at :

Extract One

Extract Two

Compares Both

Purpose, Form, Audience

Layout and Language

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Finding Information

Finding Information

Firstly - read the text really carefully

Secondly - read question to make sure you understand exactly what it's asking you

Thirdly - use skimming and scanning skills and annotate the text by underlining or highlighting

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Evidence (a quotation) and


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Text Types: PFA

Text Types: PFA

You need to decide:

What type of text is it? (text type)

Why was it written? (purpose)

Who was it written for? (target audience)

These affect the content and style of the text.

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PEE: Connectives

PEE: Connectives

Supporting an idea:

However . therefore . because . but . and . furthermore also . in addition . then . as well as . next . whereas . in contrast . later . at first . similarly .

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PEE: Connectives

PEE: Connectives

Explaining an idea:

This implies . this suggests . which gives the impression that . this shows . this clearly shows . possibly . perhaps . this indicates that . obviously . this conveys to the reader that .

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Questions: Layout

Questions: Layout

Focus – Show that you understand specific terminology and the effect of layout e.g. headline, subheading, pictures etc…

Explain why the writer has chosen this layout

Eg: The author has used bullet points in this leaflet to make it more accessible to its target audience, children and teenagers.

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Questions: Language

Questions: Language

Focus – show you understand how a writer uses language for effect

Explain and comment on words / sentences and why a writer has chosen them

E.g. ‘dangerous predators’ the polar bears are described in this way offering negative connotations in order to make tourists wary of their surroundings.

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