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Written by British Antarctic Survey scientists and an educational advisor

Published by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

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Antarctic Schools Pack

Antarctic Schools Pack

The nature of Antarctica

Discovery of Antarctica

Living and working in Antarctica

Science in Antarctica

The Antarctic Treaty System

Geology in Antarctica

Antarctic ice

The Antarctic climate

The ozone hole


Terrestrial and freshwater lake ecosystems

Marine ecosystems

Management and conservation of marine species

Environmental protection of Antarctica

Tourism in Antarctica

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Feedback on Antarctic Schools Pack

Feedback on Antarctic Schools Pack

“An essential resource for school or college”

“Packed with a variety of up-to-date and relevant information that can be used flexibly in the classroom”

“Mori” poll voted it one of the best four resources available for study of environmental change

Received Gold Award of Geographical Association in Spring 2000

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Future teaching resources on Antarctica

Future teaching resources on Antarctica

BAS has signed a partnership agreement with the Geographical Association

First priority is to develop a Work Package at GCSE level on Antarctica

Propose to develop materials for Primary Schools

BAS welcomes feedback on the Schools Pack

BAS will develop

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Resources on the web

Resources on the web

www.antarctica (British Antarctic Survey) (The Antarctica Project) (Antarctic Adventure) (tourism) (Britain and Antarctica briefing document) (search for “Antarctic”)

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