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What can we do to reduce deforestation?

What can we do to reduce deforestation?

Paper: paper is one of the

most important things in the

world without it we can't do

almost anything. We can't

study, write, learn and a lot of

stuff which is impossible to do

without paper, but many of the forests are destroyed just to make paper out of them. So lessen your dependency on the paper and try to use as less as possible and recycle them.

Reforestation: after cutting down a tree we should plant two because this way there will be a balance of

ecosystem and the rate of deforestation will diminish.

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Reforestation @ sungei buloh (Singapore)

Reforestation @ sungei buloh (Singapore)

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve’s “Reforestation and Reachout” started in August 2004, with the generous sponsorship of Toyota Motor Corporation and the participation of five schools. The programme aimed to involve students in reforesting the area around the outdoor classroom and to create educational materials based on their experience. It was hard work in the beginning sourcing committed and willing activists. However, we did still manage to secure five schools willing to participate and commit at least six to eight months of their time for this project.

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Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

The area around the Outdoor Classroom at SBWR showcased the diverse habitats of the Wetland Reserve, namely the mangrove, back mangrove, secondary forest and freshwater pond.

Each of these habitats had its own uniqueness, which supported diversities

of flora and fauna. A

small spice garden

was also planted to

help the visitor link his

new experiences of the

Reserve’s plants to something

he is likely to be familiar with.

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Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

From August 2004 to November 2004, the activists underwent a series of workshops conducted by SBWR staff and volunteers. These workshops included an orientation programme to familiarize them with their respective sites and to explain the need for reforestation. Through sessions on plant drawing, public speaking and presentations, resource searching and creating educational materials, they broadened their “outreach” scope. Given a list of plants to start with, the activists were encouraged to go a step further to find out more about the ecology of the area, and the benefits of reforestation.

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Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

Reforestation @ sungei buloh (singapore)

The session on public speaking enabled and equipped the activists with necessary speaking and presentation skills.

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