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Homeostasis of the body




3. Reabsorb water

Water and ions are the next to be absorbed. It depends on how much is needed by the body.

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Reabsorbing water

Reabsorbing water

If you have too little water in your blood, you will produce very concentrated urine.

(very little water in it)

If you have too much water in your blood, you will produce very dilute urine.

(lots of water in it)

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5. Excrete the waste

5. Excrete the waste

Everything that is left in the kidney tubule is waste:

All the urea

Excess water

This waste is called urine. It is excreted via the ureter and is stored in the bladder.

The “clean” blood leaves the kidney in the renal vein.

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Summary of urine production

Summary of urine production

Urea is a waste product made in the LIVER

Water content of the body is controlled in the KIDNEYS

Urea, water and other waste makes up URINE.

Urine travels down the URETER and is stored in the BLADDER

Urine is excreted through the URETHRA.

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