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Conifer Reproduction

Conifer Reproduction

Male cones produce pollen and the female cone produces eggs and seeds.

Pollen is inefficiently transferred by the wind.

Once mature, the scales on the female cone dry out and open scattering the seeds by the wind.


Pollen Cone

Seed Cone

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- “enclosed seeds”

These are flowering plants the encourage direct and efficient pollen transfer (smell, color and offering nectar)

Pollinators are flying insects, birds, and bats that transfer pollen from flower to flower.

Flowers contain ovaries, which is where eggs/seeds are produced.

A fruit is the pollinated ovary containing mature seeds.

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Fruit can aid in dispersal of seed to reduce competition with parent plant.

Fruit can aid in dispersal of seed to reduce competition with parent plant.

Winged fruit – glides to new location (maple fruit)

Floating fruit – can float to new locations (coconut)

Fleshy fruit - sweet bright colored fruit have seeds that survive the digestive system of animals that eat the fruit (apple)

Spiny fruit- Velcro like projections attach to the fur of animals (cockleburs)

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Maple seeds: Winged fruit

Burdock: Spiny fruit

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Quiz Time

Quiz Time

What did plants have to overcome to live on land?

What is the most primitive division of plants because they have no vascular system?

What is the most common example in this division and how do they reproduce?

Why are mosses so small?

What is the division of plants that contain a vascular system?

What did a vascular system do for plants size-wise?

How are mosses and ferns different?

How are mosses and ferns alike?

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Quiz Time

Quiz Time

How are Tracheophytes different from bryophytes?

How are tracheophytes divided?

What are the advantages of seeds over spores?

What other advantages did seed-bearing plants have over spore-bearing plants?

What are the two divisions of the seed-bearing tracheophytes?

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Quiz Time

Quiz Time

What does the term Gymnosperm mean?

What are the most common of the Gymnosperms?

What is the evolutionary importance of needles?

What structures do conifers use to reproduce?

Were are seeds located in the cone?

Even though wind-dispersal of pollen is inefficient, what did it allow plants to overcome?

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